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Väcka ([personal profile] aji_mirasol) wrote2011-05-07 12:10 am

I'm grabbin a routine vaccination

OH BOY do I have some art for you..!

no nice finished coloured stuff though :C Probably boring mostly!

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT chicken for us to no eat

mina katter :I

So... I was making breakfast, the toast popped up, Mario was on the counter where he should not have been, was caught off guard, and FELL RIGHT OFF I cannot even

boceto para una amiga C: un día voy a terminar este dibujo, necesito dibujar más pájaros.

doge heads. The puppy with the flower is a redux of one of the few intentionally-disney dogs I drew back in high school

Gesture from these two sites: http://www.posemaniacs.com/ http://www.pixelovely.com/tools/index.html The second one really needs more animals... but animals are not my point of difficulty anyway so whatevs. This is actually a selection of the ones I liked... I did a lot more than these. I do them in like batches of 50+ u_u

I feel the improvement B) Now I hope it will show.

WIP. I hate the faces. I'll re-do Rasmus's and do what I can to replace Greer's face with the blushyface from the sketchdump, because I like the idea xD