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OH BOY do I have some art for you..!

no nice finished coloured stuff though :C Probably boring mostly!

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT chicken for us to no eat

mina katter :I

there is gesture under here as well as dog heads )
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så också mina hundar



my fren showed me these settings:

in sai and so of course i drew a dum doge head with it

under here are the things i draw in what is meant to be a pretentious sketchbook )
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algunas expresiones de Santiago, inspiradas por el tutorial de Tracy Butler

moar )
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santiago ha una ragazza! :o


sono prontissimissima per l'estate 8(

ho degli altri schizzi, ma il mio scanner non piace al mio computer in questo momento. Peccato :C FORSE UN GIORNO

I have other sketches, but my computer does not like my scanner ATM. MAYBE SOMEDAY
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Men vi är här!

I feel like I should decide which of my names goes with my professional, "mature" online presence, and which name to use for my dumbish presence. Or rather, I have that more or less decided, I just don't know what this journal should fall under. I have never been as comfortable with a name as I have with Vekke, which is saying something considering how indecisive and wishywashy I am. So, not wanting to make a new blog yet again, I am considering a rename token when I have money I can throw away freely. Idk.

Ok, art time. Italiano, questa volta, perché è più facile dello svedese, ma ancora ho molto bisogno della prattica. >:)

Ho comprato gli stivali e cappoto nuovi u_u mi hanno piaciuto tanto che volevo fare del fanart.

Ho anche cambiato la mia firma a qualcosa più... firmoso, haha. Ed ora, a ricordare di usarlo!

Read more... )

That was refreshing, to write in a language where I'm not breaking my brain to write the smallest sentence, but still learn/revise some things that have gotten rusty :]
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