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2011-05-07 12:10 am

I'm grabbin a routine vaccination

OH BOY do I have some art for you..!

no nice finished coloured stuff though :C Probably boring mostly!

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT chicken for us to no eat

mina katter :I

there is gesture under here as well as dog heads )
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2011-04-07 10:17 am


så också mina hundar



my fren showed me these settings:

in sai and so of course i drew a dum doge head with it

under here are the things i draw in what is meant to be a pretentious sketchbook )
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2011-03-02 01:58 am

solo te pido amor, que nunca te abandonas


algunas expresiones de Santiago, inspiradas por el tutorial de Tracy Butler

moar )
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2011-01-13 04:53 pm

(no subject)

Sum rabbit gurl for ~Kookamunga. I should not wait so long before I post people pictures, because 2 days later I see all the mistakes :C

WIPs of things you have probably already seen )
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2010-11-20 11:08 pm

Ingen backup, inget crew

Men vi är här!

I feel like I should decide which of my names goes with my professional, "mature" online presence, and which name to use for my dumbish presence. Or rather, I have that more or less decided, I just don't know what this journal should fall under. I have never been as comfortable with a name as I have with Vekke, which is saying something considering how indecisive and wishywashy I am. So, not wanting to make a new blog yet again, I am considering a rename token when I have money I can throw away freely. Idk.

Ok, art time. Italiano, questa volta, perché è più facile dello svedese, ma ancora ho molto bisogno della prattica. >:)

Ho comprato gli stivali e cappoto nuovi u_u mi hanno piaciuto tanto che volevo fare del fanart.

Ho anche cambiato la mia firma a qualcosa più... firmoso, haha. Ed ora, a ricordare di usarlo!

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That was refreshing, to write in a language where I'm not breaking my brain to write the smallest sentence, but still learn/revise some things that have gotten rusty :]
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2010-10-11 07:57 pm

(no subject)


En skiss av Vekkehund. När jag cyklar, EFTER jag drycker en redbull (inte på samtigt), och lyssnar på vissa sånger, jag känner så har, ahaha

Sketch of Vekkedog. When I'm biking, AFTER I drink a redbull (not at the same time, I am not actually this crazy), and listen to certain songs, I feel like this, ahaha
what a badly-drawn bike

Och några skisser som jag ritade under en ferie förra sommaren:
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