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This is for Talla/MotoMutt because she gave me an invite to this place (B

I HAVE MORE. A lot of old stuff today, under the cut. Since I tend to use art blogs also as language guinea pigs, I'm going to try and write the rest in Swedish, which I'm trying to learn, and we'll see what happens. Don't worry if you can't read it, I don't say anything important anyway, and if I do I'll bilingual it

allting vad jag ritar är tråkiga hundar, så här (B och en katt, och en dåligt ritad Laura Pausini :I


Jag vär berusad när jag ritade dessa. D: I try to avoid this nonsense these days but the drawings from past times are funny to look at, lol. I made it an obnoxious colour so you'd pass over it and not judge me. OKAY no more engrish

teckningar i stil "folk art", hurr. Jaguaren vär alltid orange, så jag andvädar det för det hela

teckningar av Santiago

Mårder. Fainder does an amazing job using shapes and I wanted to try and emphasize them myself, it's not very interesting though

fula manniskör

It'll be a while before I stop butchering that poor language :} I WANNA LEARN FASTER :c

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(this is Fainder)
Aye, how come you post artwork here I haven't seena anywhere else yet?
I see a lot if interesting stuff in here! *_* In fact, I think I'll go draw some animals now.
I must keep track of this journal, doesn't it have a feed? >_>

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Come preferisci! Non so nemmeno che differenza possa fare per me X)
(ti offendi se ti correggo? "va bene SE AGGIUNGO", "NELLO stesso SITO")

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(alright, Rss button found!)